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Modifying current VIP configuration

The current VIP configuration are stored in OCR (Oracle Cluster Registry). There are four parameters, which are VIP hostname, VIP IP address, VIP subnet mask and interface name, to be modified. The following is an example to show mofity VIP interface name. The details refer to support.oracle.com [ID 276434.1]

We are going to change VIP interface from vnet1 to vnet100001 since we vlan interface is used.

1. Check current VIP configuration currently

$ srvctl config nodeapps -n tvmdb01 -a
VIP exists.: /tvmdb01-vip/

These outputs show that:
The VIP Hostname is ‘tvmdb01-vip’
The VIP IP address is ‘’
The VIP subnet mask is ‘’
The Interface Name used by the VIP is called ‘vnet1’

2.  Stop Instance, asm and nodeapps

$ srvctl stop instance -d tdb -i tdb1
$ srvctl stop asm -n tvmdb01
$ srvctl stop nodeapps -n tvmdb01

3. Unplumb vnet1 and plumb vnet100001 in OS

4. Bring the vnet100001 interface with the IP of vnet1 in OS

5.  Super to root and modify the VIP interface

su – root
source /export/home/oracle/.profile
# srvctl modify nodeapps -n tvmdb01 -A
# srvctl config nodeapps -n tvmdb01 -a
VIP exists.: /tvmdb01-vip/ <– this is changed

6. Startup nodeapps, asm and instances

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