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The specified nodes are not clusterable


The installation 10g2 RAC on windows 2003 failed today.  When going to “Specify Cluster Configuration”, it has shown wrong on public node name, private node name and virtual host name. After correcting them and add the cluster nodes and clicking “Next”. The message “The specified nodes are not clusterable” is pop up.

After searching on oracle support, I found the same problem symptoms. Here is the explanation


The network configuration is incorrect.

Private NIC is listed as first NIC.


Simply changing the NICs order and setting the public NIC first.

Step for modifying this are:

  1. Open explorer
  2. Right click on my network places
  3. Select properties
  4. From Advanced menu, select Advanced settings
  5. With Adapters and bindings open, move public NIC to be first on list

After this change clean-up the cluster according to following article:



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